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Unless you have ever been a police officer

Unless you have ever given a young person a warning instead of a ticket… don’t say I am not fair.

Unless you have safely driven through 5 o’clock traffic going 85 miles an hour in order to get to an injured citizen… don’t say I cannot drive.

Unless you have run towards gun shots instead of away from them… don’t say I am not brave.

Unless you are expected to enforce all of the Municipal, State, & Federal laws as well as conduct myself within the thousands of police policies and procedures… don’t say I’m not law abiding.

Unless you have gone through 16 weeks of police academy, 3 months of Field Training instruction, and many more years of mandatory qualifications and refreshers… don’t say I am not well trained.

Unless you have bought a hungry prisoner a sandwich just because it was the right thing to do… don’t say I am not compassionate.

Unless you have been the first person to tell a victim of abuse, “I believe you” or brought a missing child home to their parents… don’t say I’m not someone’s hero.

Unless you have worked tirelessly for days on end in blood, brain matter, and filth trying to collect, process, and analyze even the smallest piece of evidence… don’t’ say I haven’t got a clue.

Unless you have ever been told “Thank you” by someone you have arrested… don’t think I am not a gentleman.

Unless you have collected, counted, and returned every dollar you ever recovered on the streets… don’t say I don’t have integrity.

Unless you were there, are a trained observer, and saw what actually happened… don’t say I am a liar.

Unless you have sat in court and had your integrity questioned with every cross examination… don’t say I am not patient.

Unless you have had to tell a family that their loved one is dead… don’t say I am not compassionate.

Unless you have held a dying child in your arms as she takes her last breaths… don’t think I can’t cry.