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In Vitro Fertilization Children Are a Gift of Love

I don’t normally get this wound up about a tiff between celebrities and their usually senseless diatribes, but after reading the translated original Italian article in the Italian magazine, Panorama, I have to say that fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana are narrow minded idiots, with too much money, and too little sense of decency. They should stick with making overpriced and under imagined linens for like-minded people and let the rest of us live in love.

My IVF child is a gift… a wanted, cherished, and special gift who would not be here making the world a better place if it were not for In Vitro Fertilization techniques. Over the past 20 years, even most of the more disillusion of religions have seen that helping couples who could not have a child without medical assistance is not a abomination, but a gift born from love. IVF is the highest and most sincerest form of “planned parenthood”. These are children who are wanted from the start, and who have a lot more going for them than many other children conceived in the more “traditional” way.

How many fathers can say that they got to see their child, a recently fertilized egg, when he (or she) was only eight cells big? I can… and I remember crying at the hope and in the joy in that single moment as I stared into a microscope at the tiny, living, egg… and I remember crying again with the same hope and joy nine months later when he was born.

My son is not “synthetic” nor is he a form of “chemical children” as some have stated. No child conceived in this way is anything other than a perfect person, one who is loved, cherished, and appreciated, not because of how they began, but because of who they are. A gift.