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Thanks for your interest. Below is everything you should need for your review, interview, or write-up. If you have any special requests, please send an email and I will do my best to get you what you need.

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National Literary Agents interested in representing any of my books, please feel free to contact me at glen@glenklinkhart.com

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Send all media inquires to me via email at glen@glenklinkhart.com

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My Books

Finding Bethany

Short Blurb

Can the detective overcome his own fears, his own guilt, and the tragic sexual murder of his own sister, in order to help a family find their missing daughter?

Full Blurb

Finding Bethany, a behind-the-scenes true crime memoir of murder and justice in the Last Frontier of Alaska. Finding Bethany is the true story of how, as a young boy, Glen was unable to save his sister from a heinous sexual homicide, and how he began his journey as a police officer to find the lost, the missing, and to bring those who would do evil upon others to justice. His career as a homicide detective takes the reader along as he travels from the brink of exhaustion and obsession and into the dark and evil world of sociopathic killers, and those who would do anything to help them.

Unlike other true-crime books written from a third person perspective, Finding Bethany details what real life homicide investigations are like, from his unique perspective as a victim and as a reluctant hero. The reader will experience the bizarre twists and turns down dark paths which result in macabre dead ends, and unexpected miracles found within the darkest of circumstances. His cases include the stories of people who were willing to give of themselves for someone they often didn’t even know. Finding Bethany is also about two brothers – one a sociopath, the other a good man whose own love for his evil brother had been exploited his entire life.


“I have always said you don’t have to have a murdered sister to be a good homicide detective, but it helps. Only now do I realize just how much it helps.”

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Finding Bethany Covers

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A CyberCop’s Guide to Internet Child Safety

Short Blurb

Learn from a real life Cybercop about the dangers and the pitfalls of the Internet and how to keep your children safe online.

Full Blurb

Read about the real stories from actual case files involving the Internet. Read how to keep your kids from becoming a victim on the Internet. Learn about what the Internet is and how it works. Learn to setup web filters on your computer. Search your family’s computers for hidden clues of Internet activity. Learn about Chat software and Chat rooms. Learn about email and how Internet Protocol Addresses (IP) work. Discover what specific kinds of trouble your kids can get into online including: Pornography, Sexting, Cyber-bullying, Hate Sites, Bomb making recipes, and Computer Intrusion (Hacking).


CyberCop Guide Book Trailer

A CyberCop’s Guide to Internet Child Safety Book Covers

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