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In Vitro Fertilization Children Are a Gift of Love

I don’t normally get this wound up about a tiff between celebrities and their usually senseless diatribes, but after reading the translated original Italian article in the Italian magazine, Panorama, I have to say that fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana are narrow minded idiots, with too much money, and too little sense of decency. They […]

Coffee Gift

I was at the Kaladi Brothers Coffee Shop the other morning when, while standing in line, I observed a father with his three young sons in the line in ahead of me. The man had his hands full with his three kids. The youngest, an infant, was cradled in his arms while the other two […]

Matt and Me

Matt and Me ————— Growing up, everyone should have a best friend like Matt Hatch. Matt and I became friends when I was only eight and he was nine. He lived down the street from me with his mom and his sister. Going to his house was always an adventure. When I would walk over […]

One more song, One last dance.

I was always closest to my grandmother, Rosemary, and I don’t care who knows it. She was always there for me and I loved her very, very much. One of my oldest and fondest memories as a child was how, around nap time, my grandmother would pick me up and hold me in her arms. […]

A Visit

It seems I’m not as good as I think I am. I approached the open door and could see grandma was sleeping again. I crept as quietly as I could into her hospital room. The machines inside beeped and buzzed. I moved each of my feet slowly and carefully, one in front of the other, […]


Frank was my first gay friend. Of course Frank is so much more than that, but it was his being gay, and my friend, that had a lifelong impact on me. I was in college and working at a local computer store when Frank and I first became friends. He was in his late twenties, […]

The woman I want, the lady I need.

I was recently asked by some friends to tell them exactly what kind of woman I wanted to be introduced to. I immediately became frozen with fear at the very thought of it. Friends, especially those in committed relationships, have an almost ordained desire to set up you up as if you are somehow broken […]

Unless you have ever been a police officer

Unless you have ever given a young person a warning instead of a ticket… don’t say I am not fair. Unless you have safely driven through 5 o’clock traffic going 85 miles an hour in order to get to an injured citizen… don’t say I cannot drive. Unless you have run towards gun shots instead […]