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Praise for Finding Bethany


“Compelling and riveting. Detective Glen Kinkhart solves the murder of beloved 21 year-old Bethany Correira, whose life was viciously cut short in Anchorage  just as it was beginning.  In this tragic story, Klinkhart plumps an even deeper mystery – the impact on him of the murder of his own sister when he and she were just teenagers decades earlier.  An unhealed personal loss and a passion for justice drives the narrative of  “Finding Bethany, a Memoir of Murder,” a story that reminds readers of Alaska’s dark side.” — Kim Rich, Author of “Johnny’s Girl”

Homicide Detective Glen Klinkhart relives his personal journey from teenage brother of a murdered sister through police academy and career as a top police investigator. Klinkhart took his cases personally and so will you. When Bethany Correira disappears in circumstances eerily like his sister Dawn’s death scene, Klinkhart becomes obsessed by the community’s question, where is she?  — Tom Brennan, Author of “Murder at 40 Below”

“I loved Finding Bethany! Even though I knew of the case, I was still on the edge of my seat reading about the ins and outs of the entire investigation. I read the book from start to finish in two days. Not only is it a very moving story of a family’s loss, but the interconnectedness of the detective’s own life experiences are so subtly interwoven in the story of his hunt for Bethany’s abductor. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly!” — Wendi Bates, Anchorage, Alaska

“Perfect ending…love, love, love love the whole book. Perfect voice and spirit! So real and respectful.” — Gina Hollomon, Anchorage, Alaska

“Although I knew how the story would end, reading the book from a unique perspective by the lead investigator gave me a new appreciation to the complexities and emotional roller coaster of all involved. I shared in the hope of a mother that her daughter would be returned to her, I shared in the frustration Detective Klinkhart had with his superiors and following proper police procedures to build a strong case, I was shocked with the extent of loyalty one brother had for another, and I was inspired by the love and support friends and strangers unconditionally gave to the Correira family during the search. Adding in a personal life event experienced by a young Glen Klinkhart and how the need to find Bethany helped him lead to closure and find peace himself was a full circle event I did not see coming.” — DB, Anchorage, Alaska

“First as a detective, then as a writer, Glen Klinkhart, has managed to take a tragic situation and turn it into an inspiring tale of the power of good over evil. Strap yourself in because this book will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride you won’t want to miss!” — Danna Grammer, Anchorage, Alaska

“Reading Finding Bethany relentlessly sucks you in to every emotion you have ever felt. Sorrow, regret, anguish, anger, wrath, triumph, love, loss, and determination. When I turned the last page there were no words just so many emotions racing in my mind.” — Charlene Carman, Anchorage, Alaska

Finding Bethany took me on a powerful journey that had my emotions all over the map. I was horrified, saddened, angered, uplifted, and finally… filled with a sense of peace. A successful reminder of how precious, and sometimes all too short, life can be. As well as a haunting glimpse into the mind of someone who lives that reality daily.” — Kris Knight, Maricopa, Arizona

Finding Bethany gripped me from the very first page. It is more than just an impossible-to-put-down true crime story, it is a layered and deeply emotional journey. Klinkhart’s vulnerability is a gift to the reader — we get a rare glimpse inside the experience of those dedicated to justice and come away with a deeper understanding of how heroes are made. The story is horrifying and tragic, but what we take away are the nuances of kindness and generosity which weave throughout the story, and somehow, ultimately, it is life-affirming. A fantastic read I intend on recommending to everyone I know.” — Taughnee Stone, Anchorage, Alaska