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finding bethany

Finding Bethany now available in paperback and ebook versions!!!

ver 3 3d book 6x9 PaperbackebookYou can pickup a copy at your favorite bookstore throughout Alaska or you can order online at Amazon.com.



Ebook versions of Finding Bethany are now available at these online stores:


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First Place True Crime Winner!

Finding Bethany recently won First Place in the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards in the Best True Crime category.

2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards


“I have always said you don’t have to have a murdered sister to be a good homicide detective, but it helps.”

And so begins Finding Bethany, a behind the scenes true crime memoir of murder and justice in the last frontier of Alaska. Finding Bethany is the true story of how, as a young boy, I failed to save my sister from a heinous sexual homicide and how I began my journey as a police officer to find the lost, the missing, and to bring those who would do evil upon others to justice. My career as a homicide detective takes you along as I travel from the brink of exhaustion, obsession, and into the dark and evil world of socio-pathic killers, and those who would do anything to help them.


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